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Specialties of Loire Valley Cuisine

Loire Valley RestaurantsFouace/Fouée

Long a staple of Loire Valley cuisine, you won’t find this traditional bread in boulangeries any more, but you may taste it in one of the regional restaurants. One version is plain and baked in a wood-fired oven, while the other looks and tastes more like a brioche. These are often served with rillettes as an appetizer.


A shredded, textured pâté. You’ll mainly find pork rillettes, but also salmon or duck. You’ll be able to buy this in charcuteries for picnics.


Loire Valley cuisine has included freshwater fish caught locally since pre-Roman times. The dishes are often accompanied by a sauce that brings through the delicate flavour of the fish, such as beurre blanc, a butter sauce flavoured with shallots and vinegar. A few types of fish you’ll probably see on the menu include sandre (pike perch or zander), alose (shad), anguilles (eel, often stewed in red wine for Matelote d’Anguilles) brochet (pike) and brème: (bream)

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